Why App Trade Center?

Because it is the first business center focused on Apps nationwide.
Because after the success of its first edition ATC has already established itself as a leading event in the industry.
Because you need customers, and multiple companies that seek different suppliers will attend.
Because talent exists in Spain, but making it known is not always so simple.
Because direct promotion is very important, and at ATC 2014 you will be able to publicize your work.
Because information is the key, and at ATC 2014 we have first level speakers to address issues such as:
The Wearables
The internet of things
Monetization of apps
Because within the sector we have to know each other, and the Networking environment within ATC 2014 will be ideal for it.
Because if you are looking for an economic boost, at ATC 2014 a large number of Businnes Angels, shuttles, talent incubators and direct investors will participate.
Because everything is a business, and in every business you need a monetization and marketing plan.
Because, although there is talent within the sector, it is often difficult to locate it. ATC will have the assistance of multiple profiles in fields such as programming, design and artistic direction.
Because there are small Spanish companies working directly with Publishers such as Rovio Stars, Chillingo or Everplay, and yours could also be one of them.