The boom of smartphones and the development of technology has led to the development of many applications. Most of these applications are very useful and has made our lives a lot easier. There are a few apps that have become an integral part of our lives. In this article, we will see some of the best desktop and mobile applications.

Desktop Apps

The below listed are some of the best apps for desktops.


There are good chances that most of you might have a lot of photos and videos on your desktop. With Plex, you can easily organize these photos and videos. Plex is available for free. It is high time that you bid goodbye to searching for your photos and videos. Install Plex and get things done with just a few clicks.


Wox is a launcher that helps you find the apps and files easily. It is very powerful and provides better results when compared to any other launcher in the market. It also supports a lot of plugins, and hence you can customize things in the way that you want. There is also a feature for language translation.


ShareX is one of the best applications for screenshots. It lets the users crop the shot to the size that they want and the best part is that it also has the feature to record GIFs. All you need to do is just press screenshot button, and you can easily take screenshots.

Mobile Apps

There are thousands of mobile apps available in the Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Store. These are some of the best mobile applications.



Bouncer is one of the must-have apps in your smartphone. It is a great security app with an important premise. It is the app that lets you grant temporary permission to other applications. For example, if you want to check in at a particular place, you let Facebook access your location. So after you leave Bouncer automatically disables the permission for Facebook.


LastPass is a password manager app. We all know for a fact that if your phone is accessed by someone other than you, that person will literally have all the information that he needs about you. So it important that your phone needs to password protected. LastPass is one of the best apps which helps you save all your login credentials in the safest way.


Even though TickTick is not very popular is one of the best apps that need to be on the phone. It is a to-do list app that is loaded with a lot of features. With this app, you will be able to share tasks and categorize them according to your convenience. This will be a great app for family and also to small companies with less number of employees.